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Legal Infocenter – professional assistance to citizens!

Any changes in migration legislation are difficult to track for ordinary citizens of the country or foreign citizens living in Ukraine. Infocenter is one of the rating participants in the legal services market. The center’s lawyers are closely monitoring the amendments to the current legislation, which makes it possible to provide services exclusively within the legal framework.

Directions of the company

Many years of experience have allowed the company’s specialists to choose the most convenient tactics in cooperation. The focus of the center is the provision of services to citizens quickly, efficiently, inexpensively and guaranteed.


The range of services includes:

  1. Providing assistance in obtaining an inexpensive residence permit in Kiev. An important advantage of the center is the fact that legal registration is done in the company’s own housing stock. The presence of all documents of title, the conclusion of an agreement for the entire registration period, legal assistance in the preparation of documents – the entire list of basic and preparatory measures for registration in Kiev.
  2. Registration of a temporary residence permit. The center provides assistance to citizens of Ukraine, foreigners. When applying for a residence permit in Kiev, company representatives help not only to collect and submit a package of documents, but also to make a residence permit for a residence permit, in any area of ​​the city.
  3. One of the activities of the center is the conclusion of a marriage in Kiev per day. The center’s specialists carry out full legal control of documents, help to collect the missing certificates necessary to formalize a marriage in a day. The minimum amount of time for the formation of documents allows you to conduct all procedures quickly. After the marriage is concluded in a day, clients receive a certificate in their hands. The data on the certificate are entered into a single register within 12 hours.
  4. Assistance in obtaining an internal passport of Ukraine, replacing it with an ID card. The center’s experts approach each client individually and will help to make a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, regardless of the difficulties encountered with the applicant’s documents.
  5. Submission of documents for a passport. Considering that all citizens who wish to freely travel to the EU zone can issue a passport in Kiev, the center’s specialists provide assistance in collecting and submitting documents.


Why do our clients trust us?

Most citizens, faced with the need to make a residence permit in Kiev, or to issue a residence permit in Kiev within 24 hours, prefer a reliable and proven performer.

Extensive work experience and qualifications of the center’s specialists allow for many years to keep a high bar on the market of legal and migration services. The main resource of the company is highly qualified specialists who are ideally guided in each issue and individually approach the solution of clients’ problems.


The advantages of the center are:

  1. Low cost of all types of services.
  2. Strict adherence to deadlines and commitments.
  3. Confidentiality.
  4. Help at all stages of the citizens’ problems that have arisen.
  5. Quality assurance and formality.


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