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Marriage in a day – we will save you from bureaucracy!

Most issues of organization of housing and family relations of citizens are reduced to mandatory knowledge of applicable law. Therefore, in order to minimize financial costs and not to face illegal schemes, it is important not only to receive qualified legal assistance, but also to delegate the solution of such issues to professionals.One of the rating companies in the segment of legal services is the law firm Infocenter.

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— Marriage for a day in Kiev
— What does the service include and what documents are required
— If the applicants are citizens of Ukraine
— If one of the applicants is a citizen of another state

Marriage for a day in Kiev

One of the frequent appeals of citizens is the need to get married in a day. The established practice allows the center’s lawyers to register in the shortest possible time. The procedure of marriage in the territorial departments of the Registry Office takes from one month. Ukrainian legislation provides for the possibility of marriage between citizens of the country, foreigners and stateless persons. Most people who seek professional help getting married in 1 day are limited in time. Therefore, the algorithm of cooperation for the company’s clients is simple:

  1. Call a company representative.
  2. Visiting a specialist and providing all documents for legal analysis of situational issues.
  3. Delegation of powers.
  4. Getting a complete package of documents on hand.

What does the service include and what documents are required?

Since 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers has launched a pilot project that provides for marriage in 24 hours. The procedure differs from the standard service only in time. Collection and submission of documents is mandatory for entrants to legal relationships. The list of packages of documents may also differ, as it depends on the applicants. Apply for marriage in one day can:

  • Citizen of Ukraine.
  • Mixed union, when one of the newlyweds is a citizen of another state.
  • Foreigners who have expressed a desire to marry in Ukraine.


If the applicants are citizens of Ukraine, the following must be submitted for registration:

  1. Passports proving the identity of citizens and citizenship.
  2. Identification codes of each party.
  3. If one of the future spouses has already been married, a certificate of divorce must be provided.
  4. It is important to note that if the marriage was dissolved in another country, such documents must be legalized.
  5. Receipt of payment of state duty.


If one of the applicants is a citizen of another state, the list of documents includes:

  1. Civil or foreign passport.
  2. Official translation of a foreigner’s passport.
  3. Residence permit. There are no claims from the legislation in this matter. The client can submit both permanent and temporary residence permits. The main condition for the presence of this document is the absence of expirati

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