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Registration in Kiev

Registration in Kiev is a prompt solution to the problems of citizens!

Ukrainian legislation presupposes the obligatory presence of a residence permit, both for citizens of the country and for foreigners. Therefore, many fellow citizens are faced with the issue of registration in Kiev.

To make a residence permit, you need to spend time, resolve issues of clarifying the place of residence, coordinate this issue with the owner of the property. Such issues are not always resolved positively. To minimize the loss of time and officially register in Kiev, most of the citizens apply to our center.

Registration in Kiev Price, UAH

— Why is formalization reliable
— When is the service relevant
— Registration procedure

Why is formalization reliable?

The main advantage of contacting the center is legal registration, which is carried out exclusively in the center’s own housing stock. The company has all the documents of title confirming the eligibility of registration in Shevchenkovsky, Svyatoshinsky or in the Podolsky district.

The center’s specialists provide a full range of paperwork required to register a husband or wife. Men between the ages of 17 and 59 are subject to compulsory military registration.

For foreign citizens with a residence permit, an inexpensive registration in Kiev takes no more than 15 minutes.


When is the service relevant?

There are a lot of situations when registration in Kiev is required. Among the most frequent facts, the experts of the center identified:

  1. Registration of a work visa to the EU countries.
  2. Foreigners with residence permit certificates.
  3. The need to register a child in Kiev.
  4. Registration of a driver’s license.
  5. Business legalization.
  6. Submission of documents for obtaining a passport and exchange of an internal passport.
  7. Getting help Form 13.
  8. Undergoing treatment in medical institutions of the capital.
  9. The need to register a child and wife in Kiev, for registration in a kindergarten or school, official employment.
  10. Obtaining and registration of the card of the Kiev resident.
  11. Conducting commercial and other economic activities.
  12. Opening bank accounts.
  13. Successful real estate transactions.
  14. Receiving benefits, subsidies, pensions, social benefits.
  15. The need to register a wife in Kiev may be caused by medical registration or a search for a maternity hospital.

Registration procedure

You can register for registration and get advice on the services of the center remotely. To do this, just call the phones and clarify all questions with a representative of the center.

The procedure involves:

  1. Coordination of the time and date of the visit to the district administration. The center’s specialist preliminarily specifies the price for registration in Kiev, helps to collect and form a package of documents, to correctly fill out an application.
  2. Providing originals of housing stock documents.
  3. Delivery of documents to the administrator, control of the submitted documents for compliance.
  4. After the check, a message about the registration is sent to the applicant’s phone.
  5. Visiting the administration and receiving the document.

Affordable prices for registration in the capital, qualified assistance of the center’s specialists, activities within the legal framework are the main selection criteria that our clients are guided by!

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