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”When applying for a job, I needed to get a temporary residence permit in Kiev, I turned to the Center without much hope of a quick solution to the issue. I didn’t know how much it cost to register in Kiev and I needed a residence permit urgently. In response to my request, I received a detailed and competent answer. They told me the cost of the registration service in Kiev, explained why a registration in Kiev is needed, how the law on registration works. As a result, I no longer look for registration in Kiev, I have a completely legal Kiev registration in my hands. Kiev is becoming dear to me. If you need a registration and do not know how to quickly register in Kiev, contact the Center, where you will be assisted in registering. Checked on myself – it turned out to be easier to register in Kiev than expected. So, if you have a need to buy a residence permit in Kiev, the price of this service will pleasantly surprise you.”


”There was a need to get a residence permit in Kiev. I started looking for information on request registration in Kiev, got to the forum. The first thing I found out was the legal issue, it turned out that registration in Kiev for money is completely legal. Then I found out who provides registration services in Kiev. I started comparing, communicating live. I was interested in how much a temporary registration in Ukraine costs, that registration or registration in Kiev is now valid and whether there is a difference between these concepts. Is it possible to buy a residence permit for a year in Kiev, how much does a Kiev residence permit, can they help me with a residence permit in Kiev. I am meticulous and I am always interested in nuances. The consultants from the Center spoke to me in a polite and friendly manner. I myself would have boiled from my questions in the second minute of communication. But they explained to me how much a registration (temporary registration) costs, what a temporary registration (registration) is for, how registration and the Law are connected, what documents are needed, and what guarantees I have. Now I have registration (residence permit) in Kiev.”


”My friend puzzled me with the question of how much it costs to register in Ukraine. I started looking for information on how to buy a residence permit in Kiev, read reviews. As it turned out, everything is on sale and registration is no more difficult than buying ice cream on Khreshchatyk, by the way, when compared with ice cream, a temporary registration in Kiev will cost less than one cone per day at a price. Today I am no longer surprised by the ads like “buy a temporary registration” and “need a registration. Kiev”. There is a Center that legally helps with these issues. I repeat – everything is legal. Thanks to them, I know how much a residence permit in Kiev costs, how to legally buy a registration in Ukraine and who needs a temporary residence permit in Kiev. And my friend now has a Kiev registration.”


”I moved to Kiev a long time ago, I live in a rented apartment, recently the question arose that a residence permit is needed. The owners refused to register me in the rented space. Ok, no problem. I started looking for reviews of registration in Kiev for money, asking if it is now possible to register in Kiev and where is it better to buy. It turned out that my colleague had a temporary residence permit in Kiev for a long time. At first she made out for a month, then for a year, and now she is renewing her registration without her presence. Convenient and profitable. I consulted at what cost it would cost me personally to register in Kiev and made a deal.”


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